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I started writing this track back in February in FL Studio 11. When FL Studio 12 came out, I continued working on this track within FL Studio 12, making this my first FL Studio 12 track I've released thus far. I'm still trying to get used to FL Studio 12's new interface.

Although I started working on this track since February, the melody itself (not the piano; I'm referring to the main synth) had been in my head for over 10 years; it wasn't until recently that I finally wrote it down. Which makes this track a very personal track of mine, and it's incredible that I managed to retain the melody for so long without having written it down. My limited music-writing skills on that time didn't allow it. I'll have to say that I'm very fortunate that I finally able to turn this track into a reality at long last.

I wanted to write a very joyful uplifting trance. As usual, recent events played a big role in inspiring me to do this track. I called this track "Unite" because I've always wished that people around the world would stop waging war upon one another, but instead unite together as one. It's an impossible dream, but one can always hope. Plus, as I type this, Malaysia is still trying to heal itself after the flights MH370 and MH17 disasters last year. Some wounds can never heal...

My fans are important for me. It brings me joy knowing that people enjoy my art and music. I wish to bring more smiles to people's faces. That's what I'm best at.


released July 19, 2015




Marwan Green Critter Malaysia

Just someone from Malaysia who likes to create trance music during my spare time.

2017 update: Recently, I've disabled the option that limits playbacks of my paid tracks. Now you can listen to my tracks forever if you want. Yay! XD No more "open thy heart/wallet" nag screens! ... more

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