by Marwan Green Critter

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"Tenggara" means "Southeast" in both Malay and Indonesian, after "Asia Tenggara", the Malay name of Southeast Asia, where I live. It's funny how tiny we are compared to the rest of the world. Here, in Malaysia, Malaysian trance artists are almost unheard of. Many of my friends here in Malaysia are quite amazed by the fact that I'm into writing trance music.

This track was also an experiment in writing music in strict pentatonic scales. The pentatonic scale is often stereotyped as Asian-sounding, due to being extremely common in Chinese music and is a common feature of many Asian music.

I'm still a little hurt with one of the comments on Twitter I received last year. About the fact that my trance music quality is still "subpar", hence why no DJs would want to include my tracks on their sets yet. I was so angry, I wrote strings upon strings of tweets ranting about the fact that I write trance music not to make money or try to compete against those tranceheads out there, but out of a genuine love for trance music and generally to entertain my fans who also happen to be trance music listeners.

This is pretty much one of the reasons why I decided that I won't seek out to be signed to an electronic record label. I chose to remain unsigned, because I strongly believe that everyone has the right to write music the way they see fit and how they can reach their audience through their own music, not being restricted to what the record companies demand.


released June 3, 2015




Marwan Green Critter Malaysia

Just someone from Malaysia who likes to create trance music during my spare time.

2017 update: Recently, I've disabled the option that limits playbacks of my paid tracks. Now you can listen to my tracks forever if you want. Yay! XD No more "open thy heart/wallet" nag screens! ... more

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