Ping Pong

by Marwan Green Critter

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This track has a rather interesting history behind it. Way back in 2012, while I was attending a university class, I came up with this catchy melody in my head. And I loved it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any place to write this melody down before I forget it forever, so for one hour, I was forced to constantly kept playing this melody in my head over and over again in order to not forget it. Luckily, it was the last class of the day, so I can head home quickly to write this melody into my computer. My mother came with our family SUV, and I entered the vehicle...

But then, my mother decided to instead take the family SUV to the gas station. After that, she wanted to buy some more stuff in the market. That added yet one more additional hour to my ordeal. I almost went into a brisk of insanity as I kept holding this melody inside my head, to keep it from being forgotten forever. I had come up with lots of interesting melodies in my head, which have unfortunately disappeared forever because I couldn't write it out in time. I don't want this melody to meet the same fate.

When my mother and I did finally return home. I wasted no time immediately turning on my computer, firing-up FL Studio 10 and write down this melody as my computer was still in the middle of loading all these background processes. That felt better, and I'm glad that my ordeal is over, because I finally managed to write down the melody in time. The result is this track you're listening to right now.

I've posted a short 2-minute demo of this track on Fur Affinity way back in June 2012. It got some positive feedback. Though, for some reason, I then put this track aside to focus working on other projects. It wasn't until 2015 -- by then, I've since upgraded to FL Studio 12 -- that I went back to working on this track, finally finishing it.

The title, "Ping Pong", has nothing to do with table tennis. Instead, it's more of because the melody seemed so bouncy and so happy to my ears. I came up with the track title around the same time as the melody itself. Well, I admit, I like the Chinese rendition of this track's title more: "乒乓" Perhaps it's the symmetry of those two Chinese characters together.

This is also perhaps the slowest trance track I've written thus far, at 133BPM. I remember searching on Google and found some tranceheads in some electronic music forums complaining about just how slow trance music these days are in the mainstream, sometimes even as slow as 125BPM, at which point we might as well call them house music. Good 138BPM trance appeared to have gone underground these days.

Ping Pong is also less uplifting than my usual trance music output. I'm not sure if I would also call it progressive, either, because it doesn't sound like one of those progressive trance music I often hear in I guess that, yeah, this is progressive trance. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Well, this track's description has gone far too long, so I'll just stop here and let you listen to the melody. Enjoy.


released November 15, 2015




Marwan Green Critter Malaysia

Just someone from Malaysia who likes to create trance music during my spare time.

2017 update: Recently, I've disabled the option that limits playbacks of my paid tracks. Now you can listen to my tracks forever if you want. Yay! XD No more "open thy heart/wallet" nag screens! ... more

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