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It's been a while since I started writing a new trance track. How long? In fact, this is literally my first trance track of 2016, and it's already in the month of May. As usual, FL Studio 12 was used to create this magic. Man, I wished that Image-Line would stop deprecating more old FL Studio features! >_< Some people actually still use them, you know...

I frequently play this arcade racing game, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, a lot. I like the speed. The thrill of driving through a fictionalized version of Tokyo's well-known longest highway at 300km/h (around 180mph) never ceases to be satisfying. I don't recommend doing that in real-life: you could get hospitalized, cause a ruckus on the road, bite the dust, or worse, get arrested for speeding. I will not be held responsible for any of the above happening from listening to my trance tracks while driving/racing/whatever.

Also, this track came to be as a response to finding out that Internet radio Trance.FM ceased operations (and existence), back in April this year. The official statement is that the website could no longer sustain itself anymore to cover the monthly bandwidth costs. I'm speechless... I used to listen to that Internet radio for around 2 years, and I'm still unable to accept that it's gone now. =(

I've been using the same generic logo for all of my tracks. This is unprofessional. Although I'm also a cartoonist, I tend to keep my audio and visual works separate. Hence why I didn't bother trying to come up with a prettier cover art. I might do that later. It's just that I tend to prioritize uploading the audio more, and I don't want to spend several more days just to come up with an awesome image to go along with the track.

As usual, enjoy. =3


released May 16, 2016




Marwan Green Critter Malaysia

Just someone from Malaysia who likes to create trance music during my spare time.

2017 update: Recently, I've disabled the option that limits playbacks of my paid tracks. Now you can listen to my tracks forever if you want. Yay! XD No more "open thy heart/wallet" nag screens! ... more

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