by Marwan Green Critter

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Man, what a long rough ride it has been in the creation of this track.

I started working on this track way back in 2014. Back then, I don't have a Bandcamp page yet. When I uploaded a short preview of this track on Fur Affinity, in the description, I claimed that, once finished, this will be "the first track available for purchase on Bandcamp."

How wrong I was. x_x Oh well, at least I *did* get to post this here in Bandcamp, just not as sooner than I had thought.

For the next two years, I worked on this track off and on. Technically, it was already completed in 2016, with the intros and outros all set. But, for some reason, I felt reluctant to upload it. Kinda unsatisfied with the way it sounded. I ended-up writing and uploading Highway instead, which became the only trance track I've uploaded in 2016. This track, Adventure, remained dormant in my computer for another one year.

Jump to the present. I listened to it again, and I decided, oh what the heck, it's already perfect as it is. So I did a few touch-ups to make it sound a little better, and then exported the result. The final version you hear is what I'm most happy with.

For this track, I wanted to do something a little different concerning the way I usually write the lead melody. The majority of my trance lead melodies had always been arpeggio-based, and I wanted to break that tradition for once. It's tricky to give that same "rush" feeling as the usual arpeggio-style trance leads which I'm used to.

The title, "Adventure", alludes to how life is an adventure. We travel; we discover new territories; we try something new. Or maybe because I was influenced by RPG games on that time... I dunno. Regardless, the creation of this track is itself an adventure for me. So yeah. Thanks for listening.


released February 14, 2017




Marwan Green Critter Malaysia

Just someone from Malaysia who likes to create trance music during my spare time.

2017 update: Recently, I've disabled the option that limits playbacks of my paid tracks. Now you can listen to my tracks forever if you want. Yay! XD No more "open thy heart/wallet" nag screens! ... more

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